« Self-posting » by a self-employed worker

Brexit with the withdrawal agreement that was signed on January 24, 2020 (effective from January 31, 2020) and during the transition period which runs through December 31, 2020

The « self-posted » self-employed worker will come under their home country’s Social Security legislation.

A self-employed worker habitually working in France who temporarily « self-posts » to the United Kingdom will remain a member of the French Social Security system and continue to pay contributions and charges in France (CSG and CRDS if the worker is a tax resident of France).

A self-employed worker habitually working in the United Kingdom who temporarily « self-posts » to France will remain a member of the UK Social Security system and will not owe any contributions or charges in France.

As regards France’s relationship with the United Kingdom from January 1st, 2021, we now know more about the measures that will apply under the withdrawal agreement to Frenchinsured individuals who established ties to the United Kingdom prior to December 31, 2020 : on cutoff dates for forms issued as certificates of applicable legislation for posted or multi-State workers.

To learn more about the local posted-worker assistance program, please go to the practical Brexit information that has been put online by France’s Ministry for Solidarity and Health.t of France.


La contribution sociale généralisée. La CSG est prélevée sur les revenus d'activité et de remplacement des personnes domiciliées fiscalement en France et à la charge, à quelque titre que ce soit, d'un régime obligatoire français d'assurance maladie. Son taux est différent selon les revenus concernés. Elle finance l'assurance maladie, les prestations familiales et le fonds de solidarité vieillesse (FSV).


Contribution au remboursement de la dette sociale. Créée dans le but de résorber l'endettement de la Sécurité sociale, cette contribution est fixée à un taux identique quel que soit le revenu concerné (revenu d'activité, de remplacement, du patrimoine, de placement, …).