Cross-border worker in Switzerland: declaring a change in situation

Published on April 19, 2024

Learn the essential steps to effectively report any change in situation.


When and how to report a professional change

Termination of activity in Switzerland

If you are ending your professional activity in Switzerland, here are the documents you need to provide to Urssaf or Cpam depending on your professional situation :

Good to know

The health insurance contribution is payable from the date of affiliation until the date of deregistration. If you stop your activity in Switzerland during the course of the year, the amount of the contribution will be reduced on a pro-rata basis according to the duration of affiliation.


When you retire, make sure to inform either Urssaf or your Cpam, providing them with the documents that are relevant to your specific situation.

  • If you stop working in Switzerland, reside in France, and receive a pension from both countries :
    • a document from your Swiss employer or the temporary employment agency specifying the date of cessation of activity.
    • retirement notifications from both the Swiss AVS (Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung, the old-age and survivors' insurance) and the French pension system, issued by the Carsat (Caisse d'Assurance Retraite et de la Santé Au Travail).
  • If you cease your activity in Switzerland and receive only a Swiss AVS pension (with no French pension) : you should contact Cpam.
  • If you retire in France but continue your activity in Switzerland : you should contact Cpam.

When and how to report a change of address or civil status

It's crucial to promptly inform Urssaf or your Cpam of any change in address or civil status (such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child). You can easily update your address via your online space.

If you're moving outside of France, you should submit the relevant proof through your online space :

  • for Switzerland : provide a document from the cantonal population office ;
  • for other countries : provide a declaration of residence transfer available for download on ;
  • or any other proof of your move outside of France and the date it occurred.

Remember, timely notification of each change ensures smooth management of your administrative situation with Urssaf. This proactive approach helps avoid any interruptions or complications in your social security and health insurance coverage.