French Social Security is business friendly. Here is why:


For a tourist, visiting France is pleasant, sometimes surprising, but always interesting. For a student, the decision to study a semester in France takes preparation, but almost always results in a rewarding and enriching experience.

For businesses, the decision to set up a business in France is an important one. Beside the real opportunities that France offers in terms of market, activities and skills, the sort of questions commonly asked are :

How much will my employees cost me ? Why do I need to pay contributions and to whom ? Do I have to provide an employer pension contribution ? Do I have to provide any benefits ? What kind of paperwork and other steps do I need to complete in order to set up a business or hire employees ? What services am I entitled to ? What are my employees’ rights and entitlements and how do I help them complete their paperwork ? And where do I go for all this ?

The French Social Security system has designed this site as a source of information and services to help answer these questions and more.

This is a new and evolving content. It will be gradually incorporating new information based on the analysis of applications made by foreign companies growing their business activities in France.

Have fun learning about the French Social Security system !


On November 20, 2017, in light of the Brexit situation, the European Union decided to locate the European Banking Authority in Paris.

The French government is working harder than ever to make France attractive to foreign companies. Business France’s specialized teams are available to accompany and support companies, bulsinessman, self-employed and contractors through this process.  

Not only is France steadily lowering Social Security contributions across the board, but costs to set up a business are low and infrastructure quality is high.